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Philosophy of Care

Practice Without Pressure

Our organization was founded on the belief that everyone, no matter their level of ability or disability, no matter their past history with procedures, no matter whether they have been restrained or sedated their entire lives, can participate in their own care.

A Three Perspective Approach


We meet individuals where they are and work through their fears and challenges.


We work with families and caregivers so they can be an active, positive part of the process.


We educate and train the clinicians that provide medical, dental or personal care.

The Reason Behind PWP
Our PWP Philosophy
The PWP Process


​See people with disabilities as people first

Provide care to people with disabilities with dignity and respect

Include families/caregivers as valued members of the team

Believe that everyone can participate in their own care

Empower people with disabilities, their support people, and those who serve them

Practice, and practice procedures some more for the benefit of the individual

Acknowledge past experiences, fear, and anxiety with compassion for all involved

Foster an environment of positive expectations and experiences

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