From our Founder

Hello, and welcome to Practice Without Pressure (PWP).  It's my goal that you will find what you need here, whether you are an individual with a disability, a clinician, or a caregiver or family member of an individual with a disability. 

I started PWP because of my son, Marc.  Marc was born with Down syndrome as well as significant heart issues, and had several open heart surgeries as well as a serious infection in his heart, by the time he was six years old. 


Until he about twelve, he was so frightened of anything in his personal space that he would scream and cry so hard blood vessels would burst in his face.  Marc was sedated, restrained by me and many other adults as well as put into a papoose board.  It was a nightmare for him, me, and anyone who was trying to give him care, or even something as seemingly simple as a haircut.

I knew I had to do something, and created Practice Without Pressure.  The PWP philosophy of care, and the implementation of it into Marc's medical, dental and personal care, changed his life, as well as mine and those who love and care for him.  It has been my life's work to change the way care is provided for, and received by not only Marc but his peers as well. 

As you look around on our website, I hope you get a sense of the amazing things that Marc and his peers have accomplished with PWP. 

Peace and God's blessing!

Deb Jastrebski

Marc doing cardiopulmonary testing 3-201
Marc at U Maryland 2-2017.jpg