Meet Donna

Donna is a lovely woman who is very engaging.  She has developmental disabilities as well as some mental health issues, and any kind of dental work in the past was very difficult for her.  

Her teeth were at the point where she needed to have them all pulled and get dentures.  PWP worked with Donna so that she could get the oral surgery done to have all the teeth pulled.  Once that healed, denture impressions were next.  Unfortunately, Donna's fears and past experiences reared their ugly heads, and having a dental impression on her own became extremely difficult.

At this point a PWP Practice Specialist was called in and began to work with Donna.  Her fears were so profound that when they began, Donna would gag watching someone model just having a toothbrush in their mouth twenty feet away from her.  Utilizing the full spectrum of PWP techniques, Donna was able to work through her fears and fully participate in the entire denture process, which includes multiple dental impressions (if you've never had them, that means having trays of gooey, sticky material in your mouth for several minutes at a time)!

Donna is so proud of herself and her new smile, and so are we at PWP!