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Practice Without Pressure will become part of the Power to Marc family in July 2024!  Stay tuned for more updates.  In the meantime, visit the Marc Jastrebski Institute  to sign up for our online courses and the Power to Marc Virtual Community, where you will be meeting others just like you, have access to live events, discussions, etc.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Everyone can participate in their own care regardless of disability or previous use of sedation or restraint


Helping people, especially those with disabilities, receive quality medical, dental and personal care with dignity and respect


A mother of three, Deborah Jastrebski created PWP for her oldest, Marc, who has Down syndrome and significant heart issues.  Marc was born in 1989 and as he grew up he was so frightened of anything in his personal space that medical, dental, and personal care procedures were a nightmare, often resulting in restraint, sedation, and always trauma for him, his mom, and the clinicians and professionals performing the procedures.  Ms. Jastrebski knew she had to find a better way when her son screamed and cried so hard that blood vessels broke in his face while being restrained for a procedure. Ms. Jastrebski created PWP in 2001, developing it from scratch into the respected and nationally known entity that it is today.

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